About me

I’m a Bioengineering PhD student at Stanford University. Previously I was a Junior Machine Learning Scientist at ProteinQure. I studied Bioinformatics, Computational Biology and Computer Science at the University of Toronto. I worked with Alan Moses on models of gene regulatory networks using machine learning models for differential equations. The project later pivoted to using random embeddings as baselines for protein sequence embeddings. Previously, I worked with Philip Kim on machine learning guided protein design for cancer therapeutics. I also lead University of Toronto’s iGEM team as Co-President, where we work on optimizing PETase, a plastic-degrading enzyme.

Broadly I’m interested in analogies between biology and computation, with a focus on algorithms for protein design such as the intersection of directed evolution and model based optimization. My research goal is to model and sample from the p(sequence, structure, function) distribution.

When I’m not at the computer I might be making things with flour, or trying to sight read Rachmaninoff’s second piano concerto for the hundredth time.